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I see the world in sounds - the constant rhythm of the tide, buzzing telephone wires like symphonic strings, the rustle of wind on your cheek like the haunting melody in your head. Life is music and as humans, it is our birthright.


I started playing piano at age 4. By age 12, I realized that music is my life's purpose and that I would dedicate myself to it fully. My intensive piano study allowed me to perform extensively in Santa Barbara, in venues such as the Lobero Theater and the Granada Theater. I continued to pursue my musical exploration in higher education, earning a degree in Ethnomusicology. Upon graduating, I dove right into the professional music world - music directing for several theatre companies such as Out of the Box Theatre Company and Santa Barbara High School Theatre, and composing original scores for films in the Santa Barbara Film Festival. I also perform with several groups such as the Santa Barbara Folk Orchestra and the Heirloom Collective.


In everything that I do, whether it's coaching a client, performing on a stage, writing a song, or directing a show, I am always listening.



Music is not only all around us, it is us. Integrate with your creativity, reconnect with the dormant parts of yourself, practice integrity, and learn to dance with the vibrant rhythm of life.

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