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There is no separation between life and art. I work with creatively inclined individuals that are seeking to enrich their lives, reconnect with the deepest parts of themselves, and awaken their senses to the vibrant stream of life around us. In doing so, my clients will gain confidence in the expression of music through a holistic approach to cultivating each person’s unique musicality and creativity. I offer one-on-one coaching sessions, either in-person or online, where we will cultivate music as the language of our intimacy.


The deeper purpose of my business is to guide people towards reconnecting with themselves as I believe that integrated individuals are proponents of peace and love in the world - something we seem to lack these days. I believe that creative expression is one of the most ancient, humbling, and human things that is available to us. We are more able to understand each other through art and understanding and harmony is what I seek to create in the world.


Because I have seen glimpses into a harmonious life and community and I think that it is possible for this to grow. I have felt how art has guided me and helped me to become a better person and I want to share that with others. It is my calling. It is the most important thing to me. It is the only thing. I have been given the gift of receiving all of this information and all of this love and music and I can only turn it around and give it back.


Plant the Seed: 3 month Commitment

  • Establish a musical foundation with this beginning exploration into musical life. You will receive an introduction to the fundamentals of music and begin to awaken your senses to the creativity within.

  • $980 for 12, weekly one-hour sessions


Sprouting: 6 month Commitment

  • Let me guide you on a deeper exploration of your musicality. You will gain a firm grasp of the fundamentals of music and begin to feel the ability to freely express your creativity. In this package, you will have the option of focusing on learning one song of your choice, or of crafting your own song.

  • $1940 for 24, weekly one-hour sessions


Cultivation: One Year Commitment

  • Together, we will dive deep into your personal development through music. This holistic musicianship training will allow you to gain a depth of understanding of music while you become reacquainted with yourself.

  • $3840 for 48, weekly one-hour sessions



  • Spend half a day with me, invested fully in a creative musical project of your choice. Imagine a workshop day filled with freeing music improv, collaboration and playing with another person, songwriting, or arranging. 

  • Or, you can allow me to take you on a personally curated musical journey, based on a preliminary conversation that we can schedule.


I would love to music with you!


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Let’s get to know each other in a free first-time session!

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