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Human Musicking at CAW

Fall 2020, Wednesday 5:30-7:30, precise dates TBA

In this course you will learn that music is not an abstract concept or an objectifiable thing, but a process that we all partake in. This course will give participants a foundational grasp and hands on experience with elemental music concepts such as rhythm, melody, harmony, musical collaboration, song generation, structure and form, etc. However, this theoretical side is not the point of the course but a by-product of the core tenet - keen listening. Through activities and group projects, participants will cultivate a keen awareness of all sounds that we encounter, and harness the ability to listen to the sounds in our own heads and transmute them into an expression. As realized musickers, we will be actively breaking down the inherited elitist belief that only musicians can make music. This belief divorces us from our basic human instincts to music (verb), which can result in a populace of uptight, repressed individuals. Through taking this course, participants will gain the tools necessary to become conscious, integrated musickers.


This intimate class will meet once a week for eight weeks and is open to participants ages 18 and up. Each class will consist of a listening portion and a musicking task. The listening portion will include a wide range of listening examples, from the sounds around us to a plethora of examples from within the great lexicon of music. Following the listening session will be a period of discussion. Musicking tasks will include activities such as spontaneous creation, games, sound gathering and recording, singing, body movement and dance, and explorations of dynamism. The class will culminate in a splice/song/video performance project. 

Price: $150 (scholarships available)

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Group Singing

Dates: TBA


Activating the voice through song is an ancient, fundamental human experience. This 8-week group singing class is an exploration into all the ways we can connect through this medium. The class will essentially function as a choir group with vocal warm ups, and basic vocal technique and music theory being taught through the application of learning songs. These songs would then be performed at the end of the sessions, either live or in a video setting. Additionally, we will explore extended techniques such as mouth and body percussion, vocal improv, rhythmic spoken word, and more. This group will also be more focused on the ability to participate in music confidently and with integrity, rather than in creating a polished singing group with rigidity and a sense of right and wrong. This is not to say that a certain level of rigor and intensity will not be present, but rather that the rigor and intensity is directed at one’s willingness to fully commit to the act of musicking and to learn how to become a vessel for music to freely express through the voice.


Class activities include vocal warm-ups, song learning and song sharing, trust/bonding/vulnerability exercises, vocal activation, free writing, and embodiment practices.

Price: $240 (need-based scholarships available)


Past workshops

Cuentos del Pueblo

Part of the 2018 Pilot Artist in Residency Program funded by the Santa Barbara Foundation, Cuentos Del Pueblo was an "artistic town hall" for Santa Barbara.

Cuentos del Pueblo is a community-based storytelling theater project led in collaboration with Joseph Velasco and musician Sio Tepper. Cuentos del Pueblo is a safe space for members of

‘the community to come together and develop their own stories through a series of acting, storytelling, visual art, and music workshops. The workshops culminated in public performances based on the participants’ lives and experiences.


A seasonal arts and nature based collaborative dedicated to inspiring, engaging and fulfilling the hearts and minds of our community.

Visit for more info.

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